Do you know these shows that are just too good to stay unknown? Those series you start randomly without any expectations and end up telling all your friends about? No? Then we have just the thing for you: Our list of ten absolutely underrated series on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Grab your friends, grandma, grandpa, and the family hamster to discover these underrated series highlights together.

Snackable Comedy - Life in Pieces
Three generations, many weird moments and lots of laughs – Meet the Short Family. This show is perfect for everybody missing Modern Family. Life in Pieces hits the same notes and scores with quirky characters. Each episode of the four seasons is divided into four small episodes - the ideal snackable content for an entertaining evening.

Life in Pieces on Amazon Prime Video

Dark and captivating - Taboo
Power, intrigue and an outstanding Tom Hardy: In 1814, James Delany, who was believed lost, returns to gloomy London. He quickly becomes public enemy number 1 - but does not allow himself to be impressed by this. A gripping mix of drama, thriller, history and fiction with an incredibly dense atmosphere. An unjustly underrated series!

Taboo on Amazon Prime Video

Puzzling up to the cliffhanger - The OA
How do you describe a series that is so puzzling that you hardly understand it yourself? You probably don’t but we still tried: Seven years after her disappearance, blind main protagonist Prairie reappears - and is suddenly able to see. Together with five selected people, she embarks on a mission related to her disappearance and that of others. Dark, headstrong and unconventional.

The OA on Netflix

Bittersweet sitcom - Working Moms
Motherhood has never been so honestly depicted as in Working Moms. No topic is off limits, but stereotypes were not accepted! It all starts with an unconventional mommy and me group and escalated pretty quickly. We’ll let you discover for yourself. Disclaimer: You do not need to be a mother to get addicted to this show! Thanks Canada for showing us what real mothers look like.

Working Moms on Netflix

A different kind of Gangster - Ozark
From one day to the next, main character Marty finds himself in the dilemma of his life: within five years he has to launder 500 million US dollars for a drug baron. The problem: the family man is absolutely not familiar with any kind of crime. In this actually very gloomy thriller, Marty's aimless incompetence repeatedly causes little smiles.

Ozark on Netflix

Cynical comedy - Huge in France
Emily in Paris came too quickly to an end? Then let’s keep that French accents coming! Careful it’s a completely different genre. In his home country France Gad is a celebrated comedian. To be closer to his son, he moves to LA - and quickly realizes that he has left his fame at home. In this culture clash comedy, situation comedy meets charm.

Huge in France on Netflix

House of Cards in Danish - Borgen
Brigitte Nyborg unexpectedly becomes Denmark's first female prime minister. Nyborg quickly finds herself caught up in a politics between intrigues and power games. So real that political experts have already described the series as "the best television series ever about politics".

Borgen on Netflix

Moving book adaption - Trinkets
At a meeting of the kleptomaniacs anonymous Elodie, Moe and Tabitha get to know each other. What sounds like the beginning of a joke is a seriously underrated teen drama about friendship and diversity. The three kleptomaniacs soon find out they have more in common than their shared “shopping spree” – for they all have traumatic experiences to overcome.

Trinkets on Netflix

Nordic mythology in modern - Ragnarök
It´s fascinating how this underrated series combines issues like climate change with the Nordic mythology: In Edda, Norway, things are getting out of hand: polar caps are melting, winters are getting warmer and it is raining more frequently. At the same time, the young Magne develops extraordinary powers after moving to the small town - and slowly uncovers the true background of the environmental changes. An unusual but working mix of mythology and current challenges.

Ragnarök on Netflix                

Absurd Dramedy - The Last Word
German comedian Anke Engelke in her first Netflix series. After the death of her husband, Karla Fazius falls into a deep hole. Unexpectedly, she finds her calling as a funeral speaker. A moving mix of drama and comedy - not only for Germans.

The last word on Netflix

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