The year 2020 had a lot in store for us: floods, forest fires and the Corona Pandemic. Sounds almost like a horror movie, doesn't it? Now Halloween is just around the corner and we have the scariest series for you! This will make your virtual Halloween Party 2020 really scary. Here are the eight best series, after which you probably have to look under your bed twice before going to sleep:

American Horror Story: (8 seasons, 2018, Netflix)

The special thing about American Horror Story: Each season is a self-contained plot and each episode deals with a different topic. That's also why you can choose a whole season for your Halloween night. Also interesting is that the actors return each season, but always play a different character. No matter if ghosts, demons, witches or the biblical apocalypse - American Horror Story has just about every supernatural being ready for a scary Halloween evening.

Haunted Hill House: (1 Season, 2018, Netflix)

In the 1980s the couple Hugh and Olivia Crain move into an old property with their five children to renovate and resell it. It does not take long before Olivia complains about a strong headache and the children see a creepy female figure. A series for Haunted-House-Horror fans, who are into ghosts and supernatural powers. Tip: You can also find the sequel Spuk in Bly Manor on Netflix since October.

Stranger Things: (4 seasons, 2016, Netflix)

The series is set in a small American town in the 1980s. The focus is on Mike, Dustin and Lucas whose friend Will suddenly disappears without a trace. Shortly after, the three boys meet an unnamed girl. It quickly turns out that she has supernatural abilities and her appearance has something to do with Will's disappearance. A very exciting series with great potential for addiction - perfect for Halloween.

Ratched: (1 season, 2020, Netflix)

Mildred Rached beginns her new job as a nurse in a psychiatric institution in 1947. There, experiments are conducted on patients' brains, and the deeper Mildred delves into the events, the more emotionally cold and power-obsessed she becomes. Absolute series tip for a creepy Halloween evening!

Supernatural: (13 seasons, 2004, Prime Video)

The two brothers Dean and Sam Winchester were trained by their father to become hunters against supernatural beings after their mother was killed by a demon. The series follows the two as they travel across the USA and save numerous people from sinister creatures. Each season follows a common theme and draws on well-known myths and legends - so how about a Halloween myth guessing game?

The Walking Dead: (10 Seasons, 2010, Prime Video)

When a zombie apocalypse breaks out around the world, Rick Grimes is forced to find a safe hiding place for his family. Easier said than done because the undead are always close behind. Anyone who has avoided TWD until now should change that as soon as possible. A series for true horror fans with a preference for zombies.

Truth Seeker: (1 season, 2020, Prime Video)

Dave and Gus work for a telecommunications company, but have an unusual hobby: supernatural events. The horror comedy accompanies the two ghost hunters as they uncover a deadly conspiracy. Those who liked Shaun he Dead should also follow the path of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost in Truth Seeker.

Ash vs. Evil Dead: (3 seasons, 2015, Prime Video)

This series is based on the film The Evil Dead and takes place 30 years later. Ash now works as a salesman in a mall and tries to stay away from the supernatural. Alcoholized and under drugs, however, he reads from the Book of the Dead and awakens dark demons from his past. Now he has no choice but to fight the devilish demons.

Virtual Halloween party with the scariest series on Netflix and Prime Video

A global pandemic on Halloween is inconvenient, but not an obstacle to your party. Nevertheless it is important to stay at home and not give Corona a chance. Stock up on tasty snacks, download StreamParty on your laptop and let your friends know. Despite all that, this years Halloween horror movie tradition doesn't have to fall through!