Who doesn’t love hilarious movie nights with best friends, good snacks and even better conversations? Or do you prefer romantic movies with your partner on the couch? But how when you are in different places? Whether you are thousands of meters away from your loved ones or just too comfortable to move from your couch, StreamParty allows you to enjoy a movie night with the people you care about. No matter where you are. With the browser extension you can watch films together in sync, almost as if you were in the same room. So pop your corn and enjoy the movie while chatting with your friends.

Press Play - start your virtual movie night

The use of StreamParty is easy and quick to explain. As soon as you have installed StreamParty on Chrome or Firefox, you can select a movie via one of the supported streaming services - Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disneyplus, YouTube and Joyn. On the “Start the Party” symbol, you can immediately create a new party with your desired film. Once a session has been created, you will receive a link that you can share with your friends. They can use it to join your party. Now your virtual movie night is just a click away!

The advantage: No more manual synchronization of the movies, because now StreamParty will take care of fast forward, rewind or stop. And you can instantly discuss the movie with your mate(s). No matter if live via the video call or undisturbed via the integrated chat function - with StreamParty you can laugh, cry and be scared together even virtually. StreamParty is as simple as a movie night at home, the most difficult part is choosing the film!

Save the date - plan your movie night in advance

StreamParty allows you to schedule parties. This means: You can not only let your virtual film evenings take place spontaneously, but also plan them in advance. Just relax and decide days before which film you want to watch, get snacks and start your movie night on the desired day with one click.
Feeling adventurous? Then join a public StreamParty and enjoy unlimited participation even with the free StreamParty membership. It’s the perfect way to connect with fellow movie lovers.

Use the free version and buy more hours if necessary

Start now your private party - and use our free StreamParty version with up to three party participants and four free hours per month inculsive videochat. Would you like to take have extra hours but don’t want to pay for a subscription? No problem, just buy ten additional hours for two euros. Please note: Everyone who wants to join your party needs to have a StreamParty account and an account on the streaming service you choose.

Start now

What are you waiting for - nothing stands in the way of your virtual movie night! Whether it's a fun evening with friends or a romantic date in your long-distance relationship, with StreamParty you will feel very close to your loved ones. Just try it out with the free version, grab a bowl of popcorn and throw your first StreamParty. Only one problem remains - which movie should it be?