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Getting together as family and friends to watch a movie or shows, or tune in to music can be such a marvelous experience, especially when you have the best group watching alternative sites at your disposal. Besides, unforeseen circumstances like the COVID-19  pandemic, have brought together people, as many individuals are opting to stay at home and adhere to the restrictions set. However, it may be hard to get everybody in a similar room together. Fortunately, various platforms permit you to enjoy your favorite shows online like Netflix and YouTube in a state of harmony, regardless of where you are. Some of these group watching alternatives are as follows:


The rabbit was a famous online site that permitted clients to stream, communicate, and watch content with loved ones progressively. However, Rabbit stopped its operations due to a lack of sufficient funds to maintain its operational activities and thus many of its viewers and subscribers have been left in a state of limbo. Fortunately, the site was acquired by Kast which was a viral streaming platform. Besides, a large number of subscribers opted to switch to other rabbit alternatives, and they include the following:


Watch2gether is another well-known Rabbit elective which you can use to watch videos with your family and friends, tune in to music, or do shopping on Amazon together. The live sync playback is very acceptable and you will not discover any deferral while streaming various shows and movies of your interest. However, Watch2gether doesn't send an online virtual machine like Rabbit. Therefore, it is recommended that you try to stream video content that has the most elevated transfer speed, hence making the live watching experience much better. Aside from that, Watch2gether has a chat highlight with GIF support which is great. As a result, Watch2gether is an incredible online site to make video watching an awesome social encounter. On the other hand, watch2gether has an array of advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of the watch2gether platform constitute; it allows you and your family to watch recordings, tune in to music, and do shopping together which is a great experience. Besides, the site is the best alternative compared to Rabbit since it supports YouTube, SoundCloud, and Amazon content, it has incredible continuous playback, as well as GIF support. The limitations of the watch2gether alternativeincorporate; the platform does not uphold Netflix and other mainstream web-based features and also, it does not uphold sound messages. Similarly, one has to purchase it to get rid of promotion ads.

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Netflix Party

Netflix Party is a well-known co-watching online site that is fundamentally the same as Rabbit regarding highlights yet devoted distinctly to streaming Netflix content. It permits you to watch Netflix along with your friendsand family in synchronized video playback. There is likewise an alternative for bunch visit which you can use for engagement with other individuals while watching shows and films continuously. Moreover, the chat icon on Netflix party additionally upholds  GIFs, emojis, and composing indicators that provide the end-user with an extraordinary experience.  Nevertheless, the great part about Netflix Party is that you don't have to install large software as it runs on internet browsers. As a result, Netflix Party is an amazing group-watching alternative for those clients who need to watch Netflix and chill together. The benefits of this site include; the site is accompanied by a  group chat icon and supports sharing of GIFs. screenshots and emojis. It also has the best sync playback for its Netflix clients. Additionally, each teleparty end user can be allocated with a pleasant symbol and nickname in the group chat feature, thus it is a more customized platform. However, the drawbacks of the Netflix party alternative include; the site lacks webcam support, and also it is limited to Netflix only and not other group watching sites.


StreamParty is an online group watching alternative that permits you to watch streams in a state of harmony with your friends, regardless of where they live. With this program augmentation, you can play videos and pause them in a state of harmony with others, thus your Netflix together experience turns out to be incredibly genuine. As an end-user, the platform allows you to stream videos and shows at no cost. It also has an option of subscribing, where you can pay some fees and be allowed to stream video content with your buddies at the comfort of their homes. On the other hand, some of the salient advantages of the teleparty alternative comprise; it has incorporated video chat and chat features, and also the recordings in the platform stay synchronized.


Scener alternative is an online platform that permits its clients to watch and share recordings from limitless sources like Rabbit permitted. Dissimilar to Rabbit, Scener is free, however, every one of the members ought to have a substantial membership to the service they intend to stream. The advantages of the scener alternative are that the text, voice, and video talk choices are accessible and it also supports an incredible assortment of video stages, including Hulu, HBO, Netflix, and Disney. Besides, it is a user-friendly platform and is highly interactive, thus the users get to have an amazing encounter while streaming videos and tuning in to music.


Syncplay is an interesting application since it permits you to co-play downloaded content on your PC. It's accessible for all major working frameworks constituting, macOS, Windows, and Linux. Besides, sync play allows you to play offline media by using Video Lan Client (VLC)or Media Player Classic. You can additionally impart the private space to your loved ones and afterward, everybody can watch the streamed content together. From numerous points of view, Syncplay is like Rabbit however it doesn't have any interactional highlights like the sound message and chat features. Therefore, it serves just a single purpose .which is to sync the media player across clients and gadgets. Thus,  Syncplay is a phenomenal utility that can help you keep your media player in sync form.

Sync Video

Sync video alternative is one of the online Rabbit electives that permits its users to share YouTube recordings to those near them and watch them continuously at no cost.. Like with other numerous platforms, sync video allows you to make a room for watching without registering. Some of the benefits of the platform include; it allows you to add and erase recordings in a single click, it guarantees your privacy, thus it has a password-protected private room, and it is one of the best online sites for streaming games and other video tutorials. However, the potential drawbacks include; sync video alternative does not uphold other platforms like Netflix and Hulu. Also. It has a lot of promotional ads


Twoseven as much as it twoseven alternative is a rising star with many services coming as add-ons.

Lets’ gaze (down)

Lets’ gaze is a distance film-watching site that empowers its guests to enjoy the long-distance movie night. Additionally, Lets’ gaze allows you to watch videos with friends who are far away from you, It also permits you to watch streams together and other online films. On the other hand, by using lets’ gaze, you can do video calls, enjoy and watch youtube with friends, and chat too. Lets’ gaze alternatives may include; metastream,synaptop, cyTube, and Rave. The sync watching arrangement of the letsgaze alternative offers the system with the playing and stopping system and permitting them to watch the same things simultaneously. Perhaps the main benefit of utilizing Letsgaze is that it will empower its clients to see their video documents also and assuming they don't have their record, Letsgaze has a wide scope of recordings in its library.

Showgoers (down)

Showgoers is a site committed to watching Netflix films along with friends who are not sitting on a similar computer. Besides, showgoers alternative is termed to be the ideal engaging site that permits its clients to watch videos together over distance by having the Netflix films shared by all. Showgoers are accessible as an augmentation for the Google Chrome clients and empower its clients to watch Netflix together with friends on the web and connect with them while watching the film also.


Vemos is a Chrome expansion for making virtual film nights with companions. Nevertheless, vemos alternative utilizes WebRTC to bring Zoom-like call functionality directly into your favorite real-time streaming services such as  Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube, Hulu, and Disney Plus. Also, the vemos alternative is free, hence it permits you to invite your companions to join a video call to enjoy and watch together a movie night.

Youtube party extension

Youtube party extension refers to a Chrome expansion that allows you to watch youtube together live with friends and family. By using the Youtube party extension, YouTube recordings are synchronized across your watch party, making a consistent encounter where loved ones can watch anything on YouTube together at just a single click.

Disney Plus’

Disney Plus’ is a form of group watching alternatives that permits its subscribers to stream and watch Disney with friends who are far away from each other, The streaming platform allows, its users to sync their screens so that they can watch Disney together across various gadgets such as mobile phones, PC, and smart TVs, Besides, it enables the clients to share emoji reactions while watching shows and movies of their interest.

Hope, this will help in your search for possible alternatives. We would still love to have you at StreamParty! Enjoy the time!

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