2021 is gonna be the year of exciting, dramatic and action series! Netflix and Amazon have announced quite a few new shows coming to their platforms, but don’t get stressed out. We made a list of all the good ones you shouldn’t miss in 2021 besides new seasons of Stranger Things, The Witcher, American Gods or Jack Ryan. The following series are definitely bingewatch material.

50 m2 (from 27. January everywhere on Netflix)
A Turkish hitman betrays his boss and has to flee. On his escape he hides in an empty tailor shop and is promptly mistaken for the son of the deceased store owner. In order to remain as undiscovered as possible, he assumes his identity. Do you love gangsters and detective stories? Then this drama is just the right thing for an exciting bingewatch evening in 2021!

Lupin (from 8. January everywhere on Netflix)
The series is based on the novels of Maurice Leblanc and is about the master thief and quick-change artist Arsène Lupin. In the newly adapted series, Lupin receives a book that helps him slip into different personalities and live several lives at the same time. A very exciting series with a mystery atmosphere.

Midnight Mass (end of 2021 on Netflix)
When a young priest moves to a lonely but idyllic island, the parishioners at first suspect nothing. But as uncanny omens and disastrous events pile up, it becomes clear that the mysterious priest must have something to do with it. The producers of "Hill House" and "Bly Manor" will probably also teach us fear in 2021. Best to stream together with your friends via StreamParty – you never know what's lurking in the shadows behind the door...

Shadow and Bone (mid to late 2021 on Netflix)
The fictional land of Revka is divided by a dark corridor of shadows in which evil creatures lurk. Alina lives a normal life until she has to cross to the other side and enter the shadow corridor. The eight-part series is based on the novels Shadow and Bone and Six of Crows and is just the right thing for fantasy series fans who also liked City of Bone or Shadow Hunters.

Yakuza goes Houseman (mid to late 2021 on Netflix)
Yakuza Tatsu leaves his criminal life behind and turns to a new activity: being a houseman. Yes, you read that right. The comedy anime series is based on the anime books and will make its debut on Netflix in 2021. Mangafans can be happy: Netflix confirms other new anime series like Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness or Godzila Singular Point for the new year!

Fallout Series (title still in progress, mid to late 2021 on Prime Video)
The show is based on the video game "Fallout" and will have a similar touch. It is set in 2077, in a world view of the USA from the 1940s. In the future there will be nuclear war, destruction and dangerous mutants. Fans of video game and action movies can get excited, because the Prime adaptation is produced by the "Westworld" makers.

Lord of the Rings series (title still in progress, mid to late 2021 on Prime Video)
The series takes place in the second age of Middle Earth, about 3000 years before Frodo's exciting journey. Since a few well-known characters like Galadriel, Elrrond and Sauron are supposed to be characters of the series it is speculated that the plot is about the creation of the rings by Sauron. Great storyline, well-known characters and an expensive adventure! According to Amazon the Lord of the Rings series is the most expensive production ever!

The Terminal List (beginning to mid 2021 on Prime Video)
Navy Seal James Reece loses his entire operational team in an ambush in Afghanistan and brings home not only great feelings of guilt but also a suspicion. When investigations are made, Reece finds out that Americans were behind the attack and a conspiracy is in full swing. Chris Pratt fans watch out - because the Guardians of the Galaxy Star takes the lead role in the new thriller prime series.

The wheel of time (early to mid 2021 on Prime Video)
The series is about a world where magic exists, but only women are empowered to use it. The main character is a woman named Morain, who sets off on a dangerous adventure with five women and five men. According to the prophecy one of the ten is a reborn powerful being who can either destroy or save the world. This new Prime Series definitely has a tendency to enchant fantasy friends!

The Underground Railroad (mid to late 2021 on Prime Video)
The adventure series is set in the 19th century and deals with the story of Cora, a young African-American slave on the run. She finds a subway railroad; whose staff helps escaped slavery. The show is based on the same named book and adapted by “Moonlight” director Barry Jenkins. A really worth seeing series for people interested in drama and history.

Paper Girls (mid to late 2021 on Prime Video)
In a small American town in 1988, four friends regularly deliver newspapers. They use walkie-talkies to communicate, but when a mysterious figure steals one of their walkie-talkies on Halloween, they quickly realize that something is wrong in the small town. You couldn't stop binge watching “Stranger Things”? Then this comic book adaptation with tension factor definitely belongs on your Amazon series list for 2021!

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